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HOSTEM's CHALK ROOM store design in london

Location: London
Source: think-silly
Made by: Jamesplumb
Published in: January 15 2013 / Fashion Stores

London fashion shop Hostem has most recently added a space in their shops called The Chalk Room, it continues the trend of being designed by the JAMESPLUMB (James Russell and Hannah Plumb) duo. Through the utilization of old church benches, they have recreated 19th century sofas, Victorian dresser and shelves, antique luggage, and through the use of lightening, created a strong feeling of renaissance times. Both the walls and floor use a special scrub effect to produce an antique effect, and this all coincides with the mysterious image of Hostem.
19th century sofas, old church benches, James Russell and Hannah Plumb, The Chalk Room, vintage design, Victorian dresser and shelves, renaissance times shops, renaissance shop design, antique interior design effec,t

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