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Hermès Boutique Düsseldorf by Hermann vom Endt

Made by: Hermann vom Endt
Published in: January 12 2015 / Fashion Stores
The 350 -square-foot store is decorated with a spectacular monumental façade of 1908 , which was designed by German architect Hermann vom Endt . As for Hermès boutiques worldwide all , the Parisian architectural agency RDAI is responsible, under the artistic direction of Denis Montel for the design and the architectural planning of the business.

Focused on a single floor, divided into different universes into one another , the boutique presents all the handicrafts of the house Hermès . Light , natural tones and earthy shades in combination with a matte , polished wood surface provide a welcoming and warm atmosphere.
Hermès Germany Managing Director Christina Rosenberg : "It is with great joy that comprehensive world of Hermès doubled surface , with the latest addition , the Pens Collection" imagine Nautilus " , in this traditional place on the " Koe " . Characterized by the pursuit of the house for the highest quality , we welcome the opportunity to offer our customers an even better service Düsseldorf here . "

Outstanding quality for Hermès is always the highest priority. Since its inception in 1837, six generations of entrepreneurs and artisans have helped to advance the values ​​of the house: the procurement of the finest materials , the accumulation of high precision technical knowledge and the creation of beautiful and innovative objects which stand the test of time in terms of constant innovation. The family is headed by CEO Axel Dumas ; the art director Pierre- Alexis Dumas subject - both the sixth generation family members.
visual merchandising, retail design, Hermès Boutique, Hermès Düsseldorf, amenajare magazin Hermes, Hermann vom Endt, RDI agency

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