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Hat Club Soho NYC

Location: New York
Source: vimer
Made by: The UP studio
Published in: July 24 2013 / Other Stores
A recent store found by ATR team in Soho, NYC bring us a lot of store design references with useful tip for every day life for people who works with store design. A store with few space that holds and features a huge diversity of hats.

Dedicated to A costumers, this space was revamped with a big wood multifunctional structure that among many other functions works also as hats expositors. Born in Arizona, Hat Club has about 1.500 different hat styles with more than 7.000 merchandised products from floor to ceiling.

This is possible because of this wood furniture made of 420 boxes that works basically as this picture above illustrates:
A box with approximately 40 cm deep is the base of this piece and works to storage products. When placing this boxes alongside with one another the visual impact is clean. This design piece is the main point in store and also the most interesting, but it just make a statement because of where it’s placed. Rustic elements as wood and bricks remodeled bring a fresh and contemporary feeling resulting in a successful design project.
Hat Club Soho, NYC,theUPstudio, hat boutique, store design,hats expositors

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