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Hana Hana restaurant by Vie Studio, Sydney – Australia

Location: Sydney
Made by: Vie Studio
Published in: September 19 2013 / Restaurants / Bakeries
The client’s brief was to create a simple yet sexy space offering casual Japanese dining that relates to its new brand “Hana Hana” which means flowers in Japanese. The design intention was to save customers from the hustle and bustle of the city, bringing them into a distinctive sanctuary surrounded by wood and flora as they step into the restaurant. Albeit the exterior façade was kept unchanged, the designer transformed the two floors into a gleaming space of casual chic and simplicity by genius application of shapes and materials.
Vie Studio responded to the existing building forms, creating new bench spaces and banquet seats reflecting the curve of the ceiling and window fascia. Keeping the ceiling and floor colour neutral, white paint and polished concrete floor were used to accentuate the warmth and golden hues of the timber and plywood. Extensive use of natural materials and colours blended effortlessly well with the delicate fabric of floral prints to depict a contemporary woodland setting.
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