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Gloria Jean's Coffee in Chengdu / China by Studio DOTCOF

Location: Chengdu, China
Source: archilovers
Made by: Studio DOTCOF
Published in: September 04 2015 / Restaurants / Bakeries
Design attempt to use “blocks” and “interactions between blocks” to perform different spaces.

Designer has created three blocks respectively located at counter, lateral interiors and outdoor area in different scales and materials. Blocks are placed on a landscape-like platform, which try to deliver rich and playful spatial experience to visitors. The “void” space between blocks shaped the main area and the side area.
The main area located at the center, which is spacious and bright; and the side area a few steps down the corner, is relatively more private and cozy. Besides the void space between blocks, the blocks themselves are carved in various degrees to orientate different functional operations and experiences.

Full-height glass folding doors blur the limits between interiors and exterior, allow the visitors inside could capture the sceneries happened outside. Within the space, one can not only feel the enclosure, but also enjoy the view openness.
Gloria Jean's Coffee,Chengdu,China,Studio DOTCOF, amenjare cafenea, design cafenele, gloria Jean's cafenea

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