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Giacomo Fast Food interior design

Location: Berlin
Source: arthitectural
Published in: December 04 2012 / Restaurants / Bakeries
The giacomo gourmet fast food concept is not contradictory in itself. Ratherit draws on the best of both worlds. Giacomo meets the yearning desire for quality and emotional authenticity in times where monotony abounds. Giacomo reflects the ideas of an international design language, using appealing and fluid shapes of asian architecture mixed with references of modernity and its proportions.

These light and free flowing shapes can already be found in asian residential architecture over a thousand years ago, where communication and the sense of community were most essential elements. Think of the circular gates to the typical chinese courtyards. At giacomo the individual spaces flow into one another, underscored by the well – directed use of lighting.
This subtle sensuality and the use of light, offset wall finishes imply a seemingly floating state, that cultivates glamour but also an easy-going setting for a business lunch. All finishes and colours are carefully tuned to the corporate design, resulting in an inher ently consistent image with high brand recognition. The choice of the specific shade of gold as well as the accentuated use of other typical brand elements are all in tune with the space.

For plajer & franz studio it’s always important that their projects do not preach uncompassionate architectural concepts, but always incorporate emotional aspects that speak to the customer. At giacomo part of the original wilhelmenian style ceiling has been exposed, playfully integrating this historic reference into the overall design. It ’ s always the hot versus the cold , the rough next to the smooth tha t moves people, not the lukewarm.

Despite the seemingly weightless material language, the design has been implemented with the most modern material technology and all functional aspects of a fast food chain to guarantee a smooth work flow behind the counter. plajer & franz studio have once again demonstrated their expertise and created an atmosphere with a fresh and appealing touch anytime of the day.
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