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Get Store Donna by AMlab - Fosano Italy

Location: Fossano, Italy
Source: AMlab
Made by: AmLab
Published in: January 16 2019 / Fashion Stores
The aim was to create a sales point near to the existing ones, enhancing the overall atmosphere.
A minimalist ambient characterized by simple lines and regular shapes that recall the simplicity of oriental style and involve customer in an ephemeral and refined atmosphere.
The new space dedicated to footwear and accessories goes alongside to the boutique, previously created, and characterized by a contemporary reinterpretation of the 1950s style.

The project plays on balance and on chromatic and material appeal, drawing inspiration from the extraordinary millenary culture to fascinate client and seduce him with delicate malice.
The two ambients enhance and complement themselves each other creating an unique atmosphere capable to transmit a balance not only exterior and giveback an amplified experience, made of emotions, new sensations and authentic relationships.
Get Store Donna by AMlab - Fosano Italy

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