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GANT vintage boutique

Location: New York
Source: acontinuouslean
Made by: -
Published in: January 08 2013 / Fashion Stores
The folks at GANT brought their Rugger range downtown to 353 Bleecker Street with their new industrial inspired shop. This new store is one of only two places (in the U.S.) where you can shop the entire collection of Rugger gear (something we showed you a while back).

The collection —which I really like — was put together by GANT designer (who is a Swede by birth, but an American patriot in my mind) Christopher Bastin. The new downtown store is all inspired by GANT’s industrial past, with all sorts of factory like decor and a fitting room fashioned as a foreman’s office complete with archival order forms and historical press clippings. Good stuff.

In addition to good looking set-up, the textures and patterns of the clothes create a really amazing experience. I just wanted that place to be my closet. As my dad would say, it’s good to want things. GANT Rugger Bleecker Street is open right this minute, check it out for yourself.
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