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Furla's store design in Hong Kong by HMKM

Location: Hong Kong
Source: moodiereport
Made by: HMKM
Published in: February 20 2013 / Other Stores
Furla has launched a new store concept designed to interpret the Italian lifestyle in a contemporary way.

Confirming the "international vocation" of the brand and in line with the company's ambitious expansion plans into foreign markets, the new concept is to be previewed in Hong Kong, Beijing, Mumbai, Dubai, Macau and Paris, as well as Milan. Future travel retail stores will follow the same design, according to the Italian accessories firm.

Aiming to evoke "creative spirit, refined design and timeless elegance", the new concept store draws inspiration from the architectural details of the beautifully restored 18th century villa in Bologna - the brand's headquarters - where tradition fuses contemporary design.

"Elements such as the architraves of the doors, the profiles and the frames of the walls and of the ceilings have been transferred and declined in a retailing concept able to reflect the mood of the company in a dynamic and modern way," the company said.

The palette of colours centres on natural tones together with pastel colours.

Materials span Italian travertine marble for the floor, rosewood that matches the opal glass for the furnishings, metals used both for the finishing of the walls and for the frames, and the colour ivory for the seating.

Refined brass details for the decorative frames personalise the main door of the boutique and enrich the interiors by framing the wall displays.

To underline the closeness of Furla to the world of art, finely sculptured graphic details have been realised - inspired by the works of Donald Judd - both to decorate spaces and to highlight shop windows.

A mirrored LED screen on the wall showcases images of the latest advertising campaigns and videos of the international events organised by the brand, as well as the artistic videos made with the support of Fondazione Furla. Soft lighting aims to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The new concept store project was undertaken by HMKM, based in London.
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