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ForeandAft Windows by Joseph Barakat, Beirut – Lebanon

Location: Beirut
Made by: Joseph Barakat
Published in: January 13 2016 / Shop Window Displays
Wall Of Watt, a Window installation by Joseph Barakat : A festive holiday window display in the heart of Beirut.
ForeandAft Menswear store commissioned Lebanese Architect Joseph Barakat to create a Window installation for their showroom, situated in the heart of Mar Mikhael.
The installation showcases 81 light bulbs of 8 different types, and 60 meters of electrical wire that recreate the outline of a classical boiserie pattern on a black background. The main inspiration behind the holiday installation is the multi-colored mosaics seen in Churches, as the sunlight shines through them. ForeandAft’s collections consistently blend classical and modern; therefore it was important for the window installation to do the same through architecture of light.

While the overall inspiration and patterns are classical, the exposed wire connecting all 81 lamps together emulate an electronic chip that lights up the shop window and the street of Mar Mikhael in a unique and modern way, thereby successfully grabbing clubbers and late customers’ attention.
ForeandAft Windows, Joseph Barakat, Beirut – Lebanon, Window installation,Mar Mikhael, vintage bulbs, edisson buls, becuri vintage, becuri filament,

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