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Firesq jewelry shop in Bucharest by Glamshops

Location: Bucharest
Source: Glamshops
Made by: Glamshops
Published in: June 02 2014 / Jewelry / Watches
Firesq jewelry shop is one of the major players on the local jewelry market, with a business oriented toward custom made jewelry’s, unique pieces drawn and produced according to the clients’ requests. That’s why the store is not overcrowded, only a few already made pieces are exposed in the cases, the clients can configure their own jewelry’s and unique designs using the touch screen from inside the store.

The small shop is situated on Calea Victoriei in Bucharest, a high traffic area with old historical buildings that are hosting the most important high end stores and boutiques.

The main goal of this project was to transform a space of 17 sqm with 2.3 m ceiling high in an airy and spacious luxury jewelry store. Being a historical building, changes on the original infrastructure are not allowed, therefore we were restricted in the design process and limited to the existing floor plan. We chose to keep existing structure and develop a furniture concept that can be be easily integrated on the walls.

The front parts of the displays were covered with 6mm plexiglass plates containing specific images according to Firesq brand manual. All the furniture is custom made, including the display cases for the jewelry's obtained by a thermoforming process of the plexiglass.

As we mentioned before the actual ceiling high is at 2.3m from the ground. To compensate this aspect the ceiling was covered with ultra glossy stretching ceiling. Reflecting the lights and the floor below the over all environment has been changed, and the shop looks more higher than it is.

"Firesc" = natural/ the natural way ... so we developed the interior layout in the most natural way possible focusing the store concept on a proper display of the merchandise, avoiding sophisticated elements of interior design.

Client: Firesq
Surface: 17.5mp
Furniture production: Personalmob (personalmob.ro)
Plexiglas termoforming and exterior billboards: Maxsim (maxsim.ro)
3D renderings: Roventa Alexandru
Design by: Glamshops
firesq, barissol, streching ceiling, plexidglass, termoforming, retail design romania, store design, amenjare bijuterie, design magazin, mobilier mdf magazine, placare plexid, casete de bijuterii, lumini bijuterii, magazin firesq calea victoriei

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