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Father’s Day windows concept

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Published in: August 27 2013 / Shop Window Displays
It’s been a while that we are reinforcing the rising of a new niche on retail market specialized and focused on men that now are more tuned to fashion and style.

As an example of that was our recent project for Father’s Day for The Beauty Box that had as main focus gathers in on scheme the tradition man roots with those new contemporary beauty concepts (see this project here).

The overall retail has been putting efforts widely on this new man more concerned with his look. If choosing a tie was a girlfriend function, men now know exactly what they want when they’re getting ready either for work or walking around with their dogs.

Directing eyes to this new male concept, big department stores are investing in specific communication in visual merchandising for their new client’s needs.
The most current case comes from Barneys New York which has revamped completely their store design (now more masculine and turned to a men universe with more clean and modern look) and visual communication on their men section inside store. On the case of Saks Fifth Avenue windows for Father’s Day a new man were portrayed in a scheme full of colors and fresh fashion motifs on products and fashion production in mannequins.

Bringing freshness for menswear, those windows represent the concerning on appearance of this man who is now more connected to proportions, silhouettes and color coordination. Creative director from The Doneger Group told to WWD: “The younger generation of men grew up interested in fashion labels and status. This is fueling a men’s revolution.”

Visual merchandiser from Saks complements: “Men love suits again, and all things that go with them: a lapel accessory, pocket square, colorful shoelaces and either fashion socks or no socks at all”.
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