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Eyewear Shop Zoff by Emmanuelle Moureaux

Location: Tokyo
Source: frameweb
Published in: July 12 2013 / Drugstores / Optics
Eclectic Colour Palette Embellishes New Store

Customers at eye wear specialists Zoff will hardly need glasses to enjoy its new interior. French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux, renowned for her unique colour scheming, has created a vibrant display for the brand’s store in Iruma, Japan.

In an attempt to ‘capture pockets of colour that people view in their daily lives in the city’, Moreaux has created modularized coloured blocks to feature as design displays, fixtures and modules. These rectangular blocks are fitted at irregular heights contributing to the playful feel of the shop.

With coloured blocks adorning the outside walls and a cashiers counter containing the entire palette at the back, customers are drawn through the shop floor. Fitting in with the working life of the store, colour blocks interchange to allow flexibility in the shops display and transform the palette to suit the seasons.
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