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Excelsior Boutique interior design by Piuarch

Location: Krasnodar, Russia
Source: piuarch
Made by: Piuarch
Published in: February 18 2015 / Fashion Stores
The Excelsior boutique is located in a former 19th century building, which was destroyed during WWII and reconstructed as cinema. An important aspect of this project was retaining elements of the existing facade and complete redesign of interior spaces. The decor is characterized with reflective materials, mirror surfaces and shaped metal coatings used for the walls.

A play of polished and satin finishes produce shiny and kaleidoscopic effect to amplify perception of the space. Materials highlight spacial use and is a language between a person and the designed room: reflective steel for women area, wood for men area and soft velvet for changing rooms

Krasnodar, Russia
2010/2012 – Built
Client: Angel Fashion Group
Excelsior Boutique, Piuarch, russian retail desig, luxury stores russia, piuatch store design, Angel Fashion Group

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