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Epic Society club design in Timisoara by Alexandra Avram

Location: Timisoara, Romania
Source: freshome
Made by: Alexandra Avram
Published in: January 20 2015 / Restaurants / Bakeries
Apart from being an oasis of nature-inspired design within the “concrete jungle”, this entertaining venue places the focus on the music that helps transcend epic people into a world of freedom and exciting possibilities. The DJ booth is the main focus, that’s where the magic starts. Set in the middle of the colorful rectangular space accommodating more than 400 people, it infuses the overall appearance with a faceted, high-tech reminiscent design. The club’s owners, Tinu Vidaicu and Sebastian Raducanu, envisioned a location where people would feel as they do in nature.

Alongside Alexandra Avram, they used the space to create a design different from the predominantly high-tech club design scene. The club is accessible via a spacious lobby, while an annexed hallway leads to the two long and narrow bathrooms. Welcoming guests, a mannequin decorated with mirror mosaic behind “bars” makes a powerful impact. Lights create the atmosphere inside the club, ranging from transparent to sparkling, while the Epic logo shines bright at the entrance.
Epic Society’s managing partner, Tinu Vidaicu, guides us through the inspiration: “We wanted to build a space that inspires freedom and warmth but in the same time maintains it’s functionality.

The main attraction points are the DJ booth, which i consider one of the most important for the public and of course, the central bar. The club is designed to be cozy and comfortable and even though the bar and DJ area are very intense, the sense of intimacy is still felt. The project was inspired by the great feeling we have when we are in nature, and this is what we brought in the middle of the concrete city. Epic is nature reinvented in a space meant for entertainment.”

Enjoy the photos and take a look at the video below to get an idea of the atmosphere reigning this inspiring entertainment venue!
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