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Envie de Fraise pregnant women fashion boutique by Generous

Location: Paris
Made by: Generous
Published in: May 18 2016 / Fashion Stores
Generous develops the first boutique the pregnant women fashion pure player brand.
Envie de Fraise offers expectant mothers the greatest french designs affordable for all.
In the heart of the Parisian Fashion neighborhood, the brand’s designers and stylists create the collections imagined on the 5th floor of the
101st Rue Réaumur by the founder Anne-Laure Constanza.
Generous designs the boutique as a vibrant echo of both the brand’s website and it creative studio.
The boutique-studio is the first step for the pure-player into bricks and mortar retail.
A space that counters the limits of e-commerce notably by offering a real space for sharing between the Brand and its customers, a free
and tailored after-sale service, ready-to-loan collections, a connected store allowing to share in-store experiences on social media.
A human, warm, caring seamless, 360° experience - a reflection of the values rooted in the brand’s DNA.
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