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Eliseo boutique Alberto Apostoli

Location: -
Source: ais
Made by: Alberto Apostoli
Published in: June 20 2014 / Fashion Stores
Italian design studio Alberto Apostoli authored interior of the new Italian clothing boutique Eliseo. The main task of the designers, was the creation of a unique emotional environment, development-oriented communication strategy, which relies on emotions.

The interior is evolving, thanks to the refined combination of form, light, color and decoration items.
Rationality is expressed in compact rectangular chart shelving, made of MDF, glass and metal, and creativity - in the elliptic elements, located on the floor and ceilings.

Important elements of emotional communication space with clients are incorporating bright color, elegant floral arrangements, as well as lighting system windows, walls and ceilings.
Designers use LEDs, light vertical and horizontal which is used as a surface coating spectacular, so that spaces are converted into boutique reflected light sources. Furniture and equipment were custom made by designer Alberto Apostoli Studio

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