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Dutch department store ‘de Bijenkorf - widows display

Location: Amsterdam
Source: thebwd
Made by: Studio XAG
Published in: November 19 2013 / Shop Window Displays
‘Piece of Art’ is the Inspiration theme of the Dutch department store ‘de Bijenkorf’. To celebrate the Rijksmuseum’s grand opening after 10 years closure for renovations StudioXAG was asked to create de Bijenkorf windows to honor the Rijksmuseum. The windows are inspired by Dutch masterpieces of the Rijksmuseum and Delftware, where each window references is it’s own piece of art.
Dutch department store, ‘de Bijenkorf ,widows display, vitrine elegante, cum amenajez vitrina, decoratiuni, StudioXAG, Rijksmuseum’s, Dutch masterpieces, Bijenkorf windows to honor the Rijksmuseum

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