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Douglas window display by Studio Mary Lennox

Location: Berlin
Source: vmsd
Published in: March 07 2024 / Beauty / Body Shops
The goal was to install a level of beauty and art in its stores that had never been seen before. Toward that end, Douglas teamed up with Berlin-based Studio Mary Lennox, a creative firm founded by Ruby Barber specializing in flower styling, botanical design and botanical consultancy.
The collaboration resulted in a series of show windows based on the notion that beauty and nature are a perfect marriage; nature has an effortless way to remind and reinforce the diversity and impact of beauty. With concepts delicately referencing what’s happening in the world of beauty at the present moment, each Douglas/Mary Lennox window was designed around Douglas’ monthly calendar as well as the changing seasons.
The artists at Studio Mary Lennox create and speak in the language of flowers. “We believe flowers are the most evocative form of communication. Our mission is to facilitate a connection between the brands we represent and their audience through the beauty of nature,” says Barber. “Douglas has a contemporary take on beauty and that’s why this collaboration was such a nice fit. The world of beauty products and perfume is very deeply connected to materials derived from natural origins.”
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