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Diptyque Rose Duet windows by Alexandre Roussard, Paris

Location: Paris
Made by: Buro Beluga
Published in: February 11 2013 / Shop Window Displays
This scheme celebrate diptyque’s newest limited edition : Rose Duet. Rose Duet candle is a poetic combination of the 2 scents Rose and Baies, inspired by the rose itself who have unique petals: light on one side and dark on the other side. On out-scaled candle boxes, the iconic diptyque oval labels are slightly opened revealing luxurious rose gardens, while lovely white ceramic snails are playing on this decor…

Creative design : diptyque
Production : burobeluga
Photography : Stephane Muratet
Diptyque windows,Alexandre Roussard, shop windows paris, vitrine paris, decorare vitrine paris,Rose and Baies, melci in vitrina,rose gardens,ceramic snails

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