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Dior campaign

Location: Milano
Source: www.vimer
Made by: -
Published in: July 08 2013 / Shop Window Displays
The windows for this new Dior campaign appear more fun and colorful unlike the last set designs more serious (the color issue) seen in the last two months. This time the creative team of brand elements blended to create a vibrant atmosphere and at the same time classic.

The panel at the bottom of the window receives bucolic landscapes with image filters aged, bringing the classic look of the brand more discreetly. For scenography displays colorful geometric contrast with the background window creating an effect quite interesting and relaxed. Functioning both to expose the accessories like to sit the dummy, the colorful displays bring to life showcase of elegant and subtle, the way that the likes Dior.

The contrasting element clearer and perhaps bring more fashion information into the showcase is the geometric floor R & B. The geometric appeared as a strong trend in the collection spring / summer in the northern hemisphere and promises to remain strong next season as well as R & B.
Dior windows, dior display, dior visual merchandising, geometric contrast

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