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DF Mexico Diner

Location: London
Source: we-heart
Published in: July 31 2014 / Restaurants / Bakeries
There’s nothing like a road trip for sparking ideas and getting the creative juices flowing, and it was on a jaunt through Mexico and the USA that the inspiration struck for this restaurant in Brick Lane, London. The team behind DF/Mexico were travelling the region and liked it so much they decided to recreate a bit of the experience back home. With previous experience behind them from setting up Wahaca, Thomasina Miers and Mark Selby knew a bit about Mexican chow, and this new place in the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane builds on that by blending in some American flavours.

Distrito Federal Mexico, to give it the full beans, was designed by creative agency Softroom in an industrial style, with echoes of Techne Architects’ work for Fonda Mexican in Melbourne’s Windsor and Flinders Lane. The ceiling has been left open and exposed, with the metal extending into the dining space through blackened and stainless steel frames. Looking out towards the street there’s a hefty timber bench that looks like it’s already seen plenty of enthusiastic use and is ready for plenty more, and the recycled wood recurs in the booth seating and kitchen counters. Hanging baskets and some cool tiling provide some freshness to the otherwise utilitarian ambience.

This short-term residency opens on 24 July – grab it while it’s hot.
DF/Mexico, American flavours, Techne Architects

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