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design stand bijuterii / jewellery stand Kids Bijou

Location: Bucharest
Source: Glamshops
Made by: Glamshops
Published in: December 20 2012 / Pop-Up Shops / Stand
A jewelry stand of 6 square meters merchandising special jewelry for kids.
The entire stand is glass plated whit white back lighted engravings. The jewelry cases are made from glass and illuminated by white LED lights. It's a symmetric display, booth side are identical containing 2 units of display, a small shadow box for focal point with a pink Mdf overlay and a 130cm high back lighted totem for advertising the merchandise and transmit useful information to clients.
The totem also include a special display for highlight special gold jewelery with diamonds.
The showcase theme is a vintage living room atmosphere ( reproduced using modern technology: sandblasting, LED lights and glass surface), emphasizing the presents of small children with toys thrown around the room. The dark cherry is the brand identifying color, 60% of the stand reflect this tint (glossy pink for highlights)

Concept made by: Glamshops
Stand production made by Personalmob.ro

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