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Denim R & D studio in Istambul by Zemberek Shapes

Location: Istambul
Source: designboom
Made by: Zemberek Design
Published in: October 27 2014 / Fashion Stores
This research and design studio for a textile company in Turkey has been configured to encourage and facilitate a dynamic system of working. Completed by Zemberek design office, the concept for the interior is built on the interaction between the users of the space (R & D personnel), and the items and accessories on display.
The scheme is organized around a communal platform positioned at the center of the volume that frees the actions of both sitting and working. Instead of defining the locations of these actions, programs are flexibly spread among variously staggered elevations. this active method of interaction is further reflected in the design’s curvilinear forms.

A small palette of materials shifts the focus to the presented products, enhanced with different variations and levels of both artificial and natural lighting.

photo by şafak emrence
all images courtesy of zemberek design office
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