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De los Austrias Pharmacy in Madrid - white is no longer right

Location: Madrid
Source: www.weheart
Made by: Stone Designs
Published in: February 04 2013 / Drugstores / Optics
Pharmacies are generally grim places to visit, with their super-white, sterile interiors, and people generally feel like crap trying not to cough on each other as they wait for their prescriptions. De Los Austrias Pharmacy, Madrid, is turning that experience on its head thanks to a very off-the-wall approach from Stone Designs.

White is no longer right, replaced instead by a soothing powder blue. The tiles might not be the perfect tonic for vertigo sufferers, but it puts a new spin on the usual boring flooring for everyone else. Then we come to the most noteworthy aspect of the interior – the product displays. The retro, ’50s-looking shelving frames are made with thin yet colourful metal tubes, the shelves themselves from glass. Some units are mounted on the walls, some stand on wooden plinths. This is as minimalist a pharmacy as there must be, the ointments, lotions and liquids are given lots of room to breathe, a lack of central aisles means nothing, and no one, is cramped or crowded. This, we hope, is the future of medicine.
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