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DC SHOE flagship store design in Japan

Location: Yokohama
Source: special-normal
Published in: January 15 2013 / Fashion Stores
Dc shoes flagship stores in Yokohama and Odauba Japan.

This is the very first DC SHOES flag shop in Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan.
In order to express its brand concept, we aimed to realize distinctive design to the Japan market,
which can not be seen in other countries.

Since the shape of the site was an unique quarter circular,we set ' Skatepark' as a main theme of its design and applied a sheet of stainless mesh as a shop wall
so that products can be seen from outside the shop through the wall.

Also, ' Street' as a keyword, we reinterpreted the main theme, and applied fine finishing touch to the materials in order to give the high-quality image
to this flagship shop.

The rough textured concrete were given a shinny look with acrylic resin coating, and Stainless wire mesh give glitter to the shop, which was covered in a brand color, Black.
Through the stainless steel wire mesh, you can see the main products line-up - shoes and shoeboxes and clothes.

The design of this shop will be a model to other flagship shops, which will be open in other part of Japan.
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