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D Jewelry by Vaillo + Irigaray

Location: Pamplona, Spain
Source: archdaily
Published in: October 12 2013 / Jewelry / Watches
Project picks archaic magical conception of the universe that surrounds the value of jewelry and the odd propose -against the usual crowded shop filled with jewelry, a wrapper which exposes the valuable pieces, as unique, exclusive. This creates an mysterious, strange, hollow, weightless, while eastern and Baroque atmosphere.
Originated through a geometry that surrounds and a chest like a jeweler, able to accommodate with the delicacy and mystery that requires valuable pieces.

There are some theatrical resonances, treatment of the vault, dark backdrops, lighting and staging that emphasizes scores only.
Architects: Vaillo + Irigaray / Antonio Vaillo + Juan Luis Irigaray
Location: Pamplona, Spain
Project manager: Daniel Galar Irurre, architect
Lighting: Anton Aman – ALS LIGHTING
Builder: Ignacio Huarte – Construcciones CLEYS S.L.
Client: Danieli Joyeros
Project year: 2006-2007
Photographs: Jose M. Cutillas
D Jewelry, Vaillo + Irigaray,Jewelry shop design, amenajare magazin bijuterii, decor interior magazin bijuteroo, expunere bijuterii, iluminare magazin biuterii,Baroque atmosphere, Pamplona Spain retail design,

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