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Crocodile Concept Boutique by UPSTAIRS

Location: Singapore
Source: frameweb
Made by: Upstairs_
Published in: April 29 2013 / Fashion Stores
An Adaptable Space That Nods to an Old-school Gym

Heritage brand Crocodile has been making fashion in Singapore since 1968. Blending the nostalgia native designer Dennis Cheok has for this homegrown brand, with his Dutch design partner Joyce van Saane’s fresh understanding of Crocodile’s approach, the pair known as UPSTAIRS_ went about distilling the essence of the label and designing a retail concept around it.

Crocodile Concept Boutique at Vivocity, Singapore, plays with elements that can be ‘re-purposed, readapted and re-configured’ in what the designers call a transformable shell. A series of full-height rotating panels line the space; clad in timber tiles, they remind of climbing walls in an old-school gymnasium or an array of open locker doors. When turned, the panels reveal a mirror on the other side. At the centre, an imposing steel frame which looks ripe for climbing – perhaps another unintentional reference to the gym? – is detailed with louvred panes that hold dark hexagonal mesh. This box of heavy metal acts as a store within a store, holding key items that can be rotated with the seasons.

Crocodile Concept Boutique, by UPSTAIRS,Concept Boutique, singapore boutique,Dennis Cheok,Joyce van Saane’s

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