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Crime Passionnel boutique in Copenhagen

Location: Copenhagen
Source: superfuture
Made by: -
Published in: February 24 2015 / Beauty / Body Shops
Olfactory sophistication has arrived in Copenhagen's retail arena by way of the recently opened Crime Passionnel boutique. An innovative venture by entrepreneurs Aivaras Stanevičius and Domas Monkevičius, it presents an exclusive range of fragrances amidst a setting that looks very much like an alchemist's secret den.
The aesthetic is a quirky mix of rustic and industrial elements, featuring bare bricks, a lighting system of meandering metal pipes that adorn the ceiling, and custom-made furnishings that all add to a sense of mystery. Aiming to serve discerning noses, Crime Passionnel stocks a range of unique haute couture aromas of its own, all produced in France and Italy, in addition to an exclusive selection of 50 fragrances by Niche brands such as Atelier Cologne, Naomi Goodsir, Costume National, Amouage, Juliette has a gun and Mendittorosa.

The boutique's services add to the aura of exclusivity, and include late night opening hours, private shopping events, complimentary shipping if you shop online [Denmark only], and even same-day personal delivery within downtown copenhagen. location: hyskenstræde 14 [indre by].
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