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COURMAYEUR luxury boutique by Baciocchi Associati

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Source: frameweb
Published in: October 13 2016 / Fashion Stores
COURMAYEUR – Located in a picturesque town in Northern Italy is G&B’s seventh boutique designed by Baciocchi Associati. The luxury retailer is characterised by its unique sense of style and its boutiques always showcase an individual personality and design concept. Each store offers an exclusive selection of high-end brands that connect with the Italian luxury market.

Glass and brass are the signature elements of the boutique’s design. The facade combines these materials and provides an elegant entrance into the space. Rich, green-veined stone tiles line the interior creating an opulent and chic floor covering throughout. The luxurious nature of the store is only heightened by a striking brass chandelier that decorates the centre of the space.
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