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Cole Haan Factory Stores Philadelphia

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Published in: November 06 2014 / Shoes / Bags
The design challenge for Cole Haan Outlet Store prototypes was to obtain the high-end feel of their first-quality stores in a value-budget factory store and meet energy requirements of all states. Architecturally, the design features the “modern beach house” concept that the first-quality stores evoke. Patrons are drawn in by the glowing paper pendants, illuminated identity-orange storefront display and the lighted brand-wall that runs the length of the store.

The combination of fluorescent and ceramic metal halide lamp sources enhances color rendering. Appropriately placed track with minimum fixtures highlight merchandise at visually comfortable angles from all sides. High contrast creates a luxury feel. Only four lamps are used within the store, reducing inventory and maintenance. Prototypical lighting uses inexpensive solutions to generate an environment that reinforces the architecture, feels high-end, is visually comfortable, uses low energy and is easily maintainable. With multiple stores implemented and store sales increased by more than 15%, Cole Haan has exceeded all financial goals for these stores.
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