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Christian Louboutin Opens New Boutique within Harrods

Location: London
Source: Harrods
Made by: Lee Broom
Published in: May 19 2013 / Shoes / Bags
Luxury French designer Christian Louboutin has opened his first standalone boutique here at Harrods. Sitting adjacent to our Shoe Boudoir (First Floor), the space offers a wide selection from the women’s shoe and bag collections. Designed by acclaimed product and interior designer Lee Broom, the concept takes inspiration from its surroundings, and London Landmarks have been skilfully incorporated into the space. For the ultimate Louboutin experience, there is a shopping room behind a mirrored doorway. We invite you to visit this beautiful space and indulge in the ultimate sole search.

Photography - Marcus Peel
Christian Louboutin, Opens New, Boutique, Harrods,standalone boutique, Lee Broom

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