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CHOP Urban Grill restaurant by Todor Cosmin

Location: Cluj-Napoca
Source: todor cosmin
Made by: Todor Cosmin
Published in: May 15 2017 / Restaurants / Bakeries
Chop - Urban grill is one of Todor Cosmin's latest concepts, opened in Platinia Shopping Center.
Aiming to sustain a fine quality gastronomy, the design creates a specific atmosphere, by combining multiple textures: iron and brass for several furniture items,roughened and mate Agglotech stone for the bar, golden oak flooring, wild-oak for the wine cabinets and table tops, blue-gray upholstery for sofas, mirrors and concrete.

One of the central elements of the project is the L-shaped bar, designed on the two sides of the space, around which the sitting and dining areas are organized.
One of the key elements of the project is transparency, therefore the entire preparation area behind the bar, including the Josper grill, is left visible. By doing so, the customers can closely follow the process of preparing the ordered food.
Wines represents another defining element for the restaurant's character, therefore their exposure required special attention. The wine cabinets were positioned in the areas with maximum visibility, both at the main entrance and in the back of the restaurant, in the most intimate corner of the space, but visible from the outside terrace.
The color scheme was thought of as a dialogue between warm and cool colors: from the dark brown, almost black, to the bluish gray of the upholstery and wall finishes.

The use of warm wood fiber, present on the flooring, the tables, the bar table top and wine table, along with the use of red Bordeaux for bar stools, perfectly complements and balances the whole color palette on a cooler note. The visibility of the ventilation duct on the ceiling increases the industrial character of the design.

The lighting fixture was done in collaboration with the LuxLine company. The project combines several designer products, like Flos lighting and Marcel Wanders chairs.

Photography: George Negrea
CHOP Urban Grill restaurant by Todor Cosmin in Platinia Shopping Center Cluj Napoca

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