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Checkhov gentleman's accessories Boutique in Moscow

Location: Moscow
Source: superfuture
Made by: Skleznyov
Published in: February 04 2013 / Other Stores
Backed by a continuously growing economy, young urban russians are savvier than ever. Contrary to the obsession of previous generations with merchandise from the west, the country's youth now easily hold their own when it comes to personal style, and this new confidence translates into an increasing number of homegrown brands.

Founded last year by Georgiy Skleznyov, checkhov - indeed, what's in a name? - is a quirky moscow-based brand that aims to make men's accessories with hint of the gentleman's style from a bygone era. Chekhov's product range has gradually expanded and is made in limited edition quantities. next to the initial range of bowties, neckties and chest scarves, the collection now also features small leather goods. these are all manufactured in an atelier in Moscow and made from a-grade natural materials imported from abroad.

Mind you, the brand donates 5% of its sales proceeds to local charities. Stepping up its presence, Chekhov has recently opened its first store at flacon design factory, a former bottle factory that is now a hub for creative companies. The compact retail space has been designed and constructed by Skleznyov and his team, and obviously features an interior with an intentional classic edge that's similar to the brand's offerings.

A cleverly curated range of vintage objects further enhance the new digs of this purveyor of accessories to russian gentlemen. location: ulitsa bolshaya novodmitrovskaya 38, building 2, second floor [butirskiy].
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