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CASA de Blanuri MG - Christmas 2012

Location: Bucharest
Source: Glamshops
Made by: Glamshops
Published in: December 20 2012 / Shop Window Displays
Casa de Blanuri MG it's a small furs shop in Bucharest.

The request of our client was to make a simple and easy to access windows display. They change the outfit of the mannequins very often and they need space in the shop windows to access the mannequins without damaging the props.
We manage to create a Christmas atmosphere only by using some globes and a 80cm/89cm gift box with red ribbon.
The mannequins faces were covered with masks to create visual shock and a dramatic look of the display and also to communicate a party atmosphere along with the champagne bottle of and the piano in the background

Se second window is a museum case presenting specific tools for manufacturing fur products. The display use an original singer sewing machine as props.
blanuri mg, amenajare vitrina magazin blanuri, design vitrine, concept vitrina de craciun, blanuri mg shop windows display

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