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carlos miele flagship store

Location: New York
Source: focuslighting
Made by: Asymptote
Published in: January 14 2013 / Fashion Stores
Located in the heart of the ultra trendy meatpacking district in New York City on West 14th Street, the lighting design in Carlos Miele’s first store outside of Brazil is a stunning tribute to his style. Architects Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture of Asymptote designed a dreamy, melting landscape with an arctic palette under a drippy heat-formed plastic ceiling.
As customers approach the store they are presented with wall planes infused with a crisp, white light in both the front display and in the back changing area. Customers are presented with a flowing, seamless background that allows the colorful dresses to stand out. The changing area beyond envelopes the patron in a cocoon of pure light produced by cool-white T8 fluorescent strips recessed into the front of the changing room doors.

The most unique lighting elements within the store are the neon light rings built into the epoxy floor. Throughout the space, dresses float in a halo of light. Four MR16 lamps spread equally around the ring uplight the dresses on the suspended mannequins above. A single MR16 lamp highlights each mannequin from a hidden niche above and reinforces the overall images of the mannequins creating visual tension with the flat Barrisol ceiling plane.

The lighting design and interior serve as a sensuous altar paying respect to Mr. Miele’s exciting designs. The unique lighting solutions create a fun and electrifying environment in which customers get the feeling of walking through an art gallery as they shop for designer apparel.

text: focuslight.com
carlos miele, flagship store

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