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Candy Stop beautiful store design by ROW Studio

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Source: chictip
Published in: November 19 2012 / Restaurants / Bakeries
Interesting – this is the only thing I can manage to say about this store design called The Candy Stop Coyoacan. ROW Studio pretty much nailed this one out and I am proud to be the one who will introduce this very amazing retail design. This commercial design is the first branch of a new brand for candy store, which is located in Mexico. Specifically, it is located within a traditional neighborhood and it is hard to miss this store. I would be glad to point out the reason why – the beautiful store just stands out purely and simply.

ROW Studio has design a store that is straightforward and directly related to the product being sold inside. Furthermore, the designers followed a concept that will catch the attention of customers especially when they are in the neighborhood. The store space tread the fine line between traditional and modern thus the resulting design was born out of this effort to create something outstanding yet simple enough to be eye-catching and beautiful.

The products blend thoroughly with the design elements showing the interconnection. In this case, I must say that the concept of design was an extension of the products instead of being just the interesting backdrop. The design for retail made use of undulated rack, which in essence becomes the continuous purple ribbon throughout the entire space. It combines with the floor design and complements the main design in different moments. The transition between spaces utilized just one color including the main entry of the store.
The beautiful store had an existing upper level but it was partially demolished to give rise to a double height space at the entryway to reinforce the spatiality of the storefront. Overall, I can say that this is one amazing store to get to know particularly the upper surfaces of walls, which were tilted and followed a quasi-pyramidal shape. The surfaces are clad with abstracted gummy bear patterns that were repeated throughout.

The nature of the product was represented by the materials identified as – solid, continuous and reflective surfaces which are easy to clean and looks vibrant. It is definitely an impressive shop design that people loving the sweets would find attractive.
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