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Camper Together New York by Nendo

Location: New York
Source: dezeen
Made by: Nendo Studio
Published in: May 20 2013 / Shoes / Bags
Over a thousand ghostly white shoes protrude from the walls of this New York store for shoe brand Camper, designed by Japanese studio Nendo (+ slideshow).Nendo arranged the shoes in a regimented pattern across every wall, intended to look like they are "walking on air". Each identical shoe is a replica of the Camper Pelota, the brand's most iconic footwear collection, and is made from white resin.

"When designing such a big space you have to face the challenge of how to use the upper half of the walls to display the shoes in areas with such high ceilings," says Nendo. "Our new approach involves making models of the Pelotas shoes and decorating the walls with them to fill the space and create the feel of an orderly stockroom."
There are a handful of openings at the base of the walls for displaying the current collections, which can easily be spotted due to their stand-out colours. More shoes are displayed on white platforms in the centre of the store, while recessed openings house the brand's sock and bag collections.

Nendo developed a similar concept for a store in Osaka, where shoes appear to walk around the store on their own. The designers also previously completed a stand covered in books for a Camper exhibition in Barcelona
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