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BUNKER Bar (Slovenia) by 6th Sense Interiors

Location: Slovenia
Source: 6sense
Published in: January 18 2017 / Restaurants / Bakeries
BUNKER – Bunker is a theme bar set into the post-apocalyptic future, where not much has left of the world as we know it. Territories are controlled by clans, the world is wrapped into clouds of ash and toxic gases, rivers are polluted, cities destroyed.

A group of survivors has created a safe haven in the bar, where they are making sure that people have access to oil, gas, weapons, water, medication and a place where they can escape from everyday stress and dangers. It can be the story about a place where surviving warrior clans meet and are required to store their weapons and pass through an imaginary scanner. It’s a neutral territory, where violence is forbidden and even warrior clans must show understanding.

In the evenings the bar turns into one of the most popular, as well as one of the most guarded hangout spots in district X (former Murska Sobota), where the survivors clans of the apocalypse from near and far are gathering.

In this scenario, the space is designed as a restaurant & pub, consisting of a ground floor and a first floor – both decorated in a massive-industrial style, diesel-punk with steampunk accents.
The BUNKER’s entrance is guarded at its left by a turret, and by two massive warriors at its right.Those curious about what the turret’s screen is showing, will be surprised to see themselves as targets

The ground floor is presented as an auto repair shop. This is where the bar, the kitchen, a mining elevator, and the stairs to the first floor are.There’s a fake hatch for exiting the place, on the ceiling, being flanked by two large fans, spinning with a speed of four rotations/ min.The bar was designed to have mobile doors and windows, made by wire mesh, in order to protect the bartenders by the “clans coming to visit”.

The Stairs
For the stairs’ lighting, we opted for ventilation pipes – with decorative purposes only.

The mansard is designed to mimic a fallout bunker’s interior. The main element rendering it is the curved galvanized sheet, on the space’s ceiling and laterals
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