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Bugaboo – A store for future parents

Made by: Kai Nobbe
Published in: May 06 2020 / Other Stores
The new Bugaboo Retail Identity was born out of the Dutch brand’s original DNA. An aesthetically led and uncompromising brand – A retail environment that captures its innovation and character. A system of modular frames brings together Bugaboo’s bright color palette and bold photography. It creates a storytelling platform that helps parents navigate the range. The color palette was extended and amplified in-store providing both orientation and communication. At the heart of the new system is a single platform, made to fit any type of stroller. An ‘Ikea like’ construction of stainless steel frames. All components fit seamlessly together, or can work on smaller scale for individual strollers – allowing stores to create their own displays.

Creative Director – Marck Hoogland
Designer – Kai Nobbe
Photography – Iris Duvekot
bugaboo store, stroller store, baby store, bright color palette, future store, stroller store design, baby store design, Kai Nobbe

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