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Bubbledogs vintage atmosphere restaurant by B3 Designers

Location: London
Made by: B3 Designers
Published in: February 19 2013 / Restaurants / Bakeries
B3 Designers were approached by husband and wife team, James Knappett and Sandia Chang, to create an interior as interesting as their enterprising new concept – champagne and hotdogs, or ‘haute’ dogs, as they are now becoming known.
Mark Bithrey, Design Director at B3 Designers says “the building was originally an estate agent and was quite a compact and narrow space to work with, making design critical in achieving everything that the client had envisioned to fit within the space”. Essentially there are two restaurants –Bubbledogs, a champagne bar offering gourmet hot dogs and ‘&’ / The Kitchen Table, an interactive dining experience headed by chef James Knappett.
A range of materials were used to create the look and feel of the restaurant. The walls and flooring were designed with reclaimed timber cladding, rusted panels and exposed brick. The balustrades, windows, doors and wine storage are all in rustic blackened steel sheet and metal caging. Low hanging lighting was incorporated to create a soft atmosphere to contrast with the anticipated buzz the restaurant clearly exhibits.
The champagne bar itself is clad in copper, which is juxtaposed against the rustic, cabin feel of the rest of the interior. To overcome the space issue, the seating plan required creative collaboration amongst the team, resulting in the signature high-rise barstool tables and ‘shelve’ tables to carefully utilise every inch of the space.

Downstairs the WC walls are covered in restaurant menus that the clients have collected over the years and from across the world. The goal was to create a small but memorable space by combining the use of ornate taps with a large rectangular sink and ornate vintage dispensers

‘&’ / The Kitchen Table
In the rear of the restaurant, behind a bespoke leather curtain, you’ll find ‘&’ / The Kitchen Table, where James and other chefs will be preparing a fine dining tasting menu in front of diners. We wanted to create a space that compliments the front Bubbledogs area, yet has its own identity as an interactive dining experience. The industrial style kitchen homes a stainless steel dining counter with 19 chairs wrapped around it and features exposed ductwork on the ceiling.
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