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Brioni Boutiques by Park Associati

Location: Frankfurt
Source: parkassociati
Made by: Park Associati
Published in: June 24 2014 / Fashion Stores
The new flagship store of Brioni has opened in Frankfurt.The men’s high fashion Italian brand,of group Kering,has entrusted to Park Associati the implementation of the new concept for the interior design of the international boutiques of which the store in Frankfurt is currently the most extensive example of square footage in the world ( 320 sqm. On two floors).

The distribution of the various product areas expressed in this space the classical division,designed by Park Associati to maximize the brand's products,and correspond to the expectations of the customer to welcome the customer in an elegant and linear space,in which the materials enhance their classic taste of a brand that was born in the city of Rome,the heart of European classicism.
The space on the ground floor,double height,houses the rooms dedicated to accessories and leather accessories as well as the leisure.The large piece of furniture for the display of accessories occupies the wall that separates the entrance from the staircase leading to the upper floor,growing to full height.Particular importance has been given to the design of the stair:real architectural element that characterizes this store.Breaking the geometric linearity of the space,the stair grows developing itself around acute angle between the ramps.
Upstairs,the rooms are dedicated to footwear,formalwear and taylormade and to the VIP Room area.In the VIP Room,the concept of elegance and exclusivity that characterizes the brand is emphasized by the presence of a lounge area fitted out with unique furniture aimed to the Su Misura.A large closet opens up to show all finishes and fabrics used for customizing clothes.The wooden ceiling is decorated with a series of glass lamps on ribbed design.The atmosphere is made even more exclusive by finishing that,even in continuity with the shop area,emphasize the craftsmanship of the work.The new Brioni Concept Store worldwide,designed by Park Associati in collaboration with the creative director of Brioni, Brendan Mullane, declines the classic masculine elegance of the brand through a language, taking inspiration from the great masters of Italian design as Franco Albini,Gio Ponti,Carlo Scarpa,Carlo Mollino,combines formal elegance and modernity,was deliberately chosen to use fewer materials,with careful attention to detail in order to communicate a discreet luxury and precious.

Park Associati realized the concept of all newly opened Brioni boutiques worldwide.The shop in Frankfurt joins the stores already opened in New York and Palm Beach in the U.S., Singapore,Bangkok and Macau in Asia and Courchevel in Europe. Opening soon the boutiques in Santo Domingo, St. Marteen, Sochi, Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul, Moscow, Krasnodar, Lima, Johannesburg, Dallas and in Europe, Milan, Hamburg, Berlin, München and Zürich.
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