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Bobby Gin and the industrial furniture by Francisco Segarra

Location: Barcelona
Published in: May 27 2013 / Restaurants / Bakeries
Bobby Gin is a new interior design project which incorporates some of the pieces of vintage and industrial furniture FS (Francisco Segarra).

On the website of Eli Perez Pagola Normal study, we read:
"Bobby Gin or how to get a 78m2 space at first dark, narrow and haphazardly, has been transformed into a trendy bar, cozy and full of charm ..."
Since April 2010, Iñigo and Eli, spaces and graphic design. Although as they explain what they like is basically thinking ideas.

Ideas that shape as in this case with great skill, where although the available budget did not allow for redistribution, they get what they call "a radical organization of space with alternative sources: a) a strategic layout of coatings and materials, b) as furniture and c) a careful attention to details that help create the atmosphere. "
All those who come over to Barcelona, ​​you can not miss a visit to Bobby Gin on the street Francisco Giner, 47. You will find a cozy and intimate with an interior rich in textures.

For this project, interior restoration, reused materials have been used as the bar lined with collage of old doors, furniture drawers designed from recycled, reclaimed molding frames that serve to camouflage antirreverberación roof system or elements natural stone wall painted white.

The furniture was selected with a retro and homey, this is where we find the stool or the stool Podium Alembic FS (Francisco Segarra).

In the gallery we see as through a fun wardrobe that simulates colored doors and drawers, it masks the bathroom door in the main room.
We thank the study Normal who have received our furniture firm FS - Francisco Segarra and took the opportunity to announce that soon we will raise other interior design projects in bars or restaurants where our firm has collaborated FS. As the Stanford Hamburgers, also in Barcelona.
Francisco Segarra,Bobby Gin, gin bar Barcelona, vintage bar, industrial design

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