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Beymen Luxury Department Store by Michelgroup, Istanbul

Location: Istambul
Made by: Michelgroup
Published in: July 08 2014 / Department Store
The open and transparent façade demonstrates the store’s modernity with a clear and easily readable structure, based on the concept with a ´looking-in / looking-out´ atmosphere. The exterior façade with its media windows, clear visibility into the store, and its distinctive form, makes it an iconic Beymen statement. The Women’s fashion area is accessed from the mall façade and Men’s fashion area is accessed from the exterior façade.

The Welcome Desk lies between the two entrances and acts as both a cash point and information counter. With its media screen and a vitrine to display men’s jewelry, the welcome desk forms a central point between men’s fashion, women’s fashion, and the blender area. A stone back wall and metal-and-glass table give the welcome desk a warm elegance.

Throughout the store, the flooring is comprised of local neutrally toned, textured, large stone tiles that give the floor an interesting finish. In the Women’s Shoes and Men’s Formal areas, the oak wood floor inlays define the area and lend warmth to the departments.
Several iconic elements such as the gold and silver geometrical ceiling elements are a continuation of the Beymen Environmental DNA that originated with Zorlu Flagship, which opened in December 2013. The ceiling elements have been interpreted in a stronger geometrical abstraction for a dynamic contemporary design language. The ceilings geometrically shape and fine tubes of lighting gives the impression of an illuminated rose.

The Beymen Akasya store planning and concept is based on the inspiration of the rose in full bloom. The store focuses on contemporary fashion that is concentrated in the blender area in the heart of the store. The department is merchandised as a casual ´teenager’s-room´ feeling. The materials used in the Blender area were inspired from a wood palette as primary materials for fixtures for a young feel. The neutral-toned palette slats are graded (wider at the bottom than the top) giving an illusion of height.

In the women’s shoes, a bold perimeter wall of “embroidered” gold and white fabric behind glass enables the merchandise to reflect and enhances the products. The colour of the back wall is reflected in the gold geometrical ceiling elements giving the area a harmonious unity. The shelves are edged in black illustrating the clean lines of the department while highlighting the merchandise. Comfortable seating with iconic chairs creates a relaxed central point. Luxurious carpets and oak wooden floors give warmth and elegance.

Beymen Luxury Department Store by Michelgroup Istanbul Turkey 07 Beymen Luxury Department Store by Michelgroup, Istanbul Turkey.

The women’s fashion consists of Beymen Collection as well as designer brands. The Beymen Collection is presented in its own area with finely patterned light reflecting crash-glass screens and soft gold colored metal fixtures that elegantly merchandise the brand. An iconic oval table is a focal-point for the room. The designer brand area uses high-gloss wood veneer perimeter walls with slender dark metal fixture elements. A central modern carpet with a chaise lounge and low square table gives harmony to this luxury area.Women’s Bags and Accessories are defined by its iconic shelving. The interpretation of the dragonfly pattern follows the Beymen Environmental DNA. The structure of the room enables an easy navigation from Women’s fashion to bags and shoes.

The men’s formal department has a warm relaxed residential feeling. The fixtures are comprised primarily of exotic wood veneer and enhanced with iconic furniture and richly textured carpets. In the shirts and ties area, dark wood wall fixtures are designed to give the shirts a dramatic display platform. The tie table elegantly displays the ties in two tiers with a long rectangular with library lamp above beautifully highlighting the merchandise.

The Men’s Casual and Ready-to-wear areas both have large floor-to-ceiling geometrical relief patterned metal screens. These are designed as part of the Beymen Environmental DNA, which separate the brands and styles. The Ready-to-wear area with its iconic furniture and generous seating creates a warm and relaxed environment. Bold fixtures are a platform for the presentation of Men’s Casual fashion.In the Men’s Shoe area, a black metal back wall creates a dramatic focal-point and is contrasted and flanked by the off-white marble walls on either side. The white shelves against the back wall are in various sizes creating a rhythm and combined with the lighting, enhance the merchandise. Iconic furniture on the leather striped carpet provides elegant seating area and perspective to the room. Shelves in the façade (touching the shoes area) have a duel function of showcasing the merchandise in the window and displaying it in the shoe area.

The Evening Wear department is situated in a room with an intimate shape with highlighted niches, and the repetition of the floral pattern exudes elegance. The beautiful gowns are immediately visible from the comfortable seating area. A soft gray carpet has light sparkling threads woven into it echoing the glittering dresses. A subtle elegant rose ceiling provides warmth and intimacy to this secluded area.

Designed by Michelgroup
Beymen Luxury, Department Store, Michelgroup, Istanbul, Zorlu Flagship,

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