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Becca cafe by STUDIO C8, Shanghai – China

Location: Shanghai
Made by: Studio C8 CO.
Published in: September 20 2016 / Restaurants / Bakeries
A unique European boutique cafe & bakery “Becca” is located on the ground floor of The HUB, which is designed to be an urban commercial complex at the heart of the Hongqiao Commercial District in Shanghai. The design of interior is a combination of old classic European style and contemporary. Using the gold metal moulding on the white painted wall for the basic design element of the space, we tried to provide a simple elegance atmosphere.
Multiple pieces of fabric panels with different colours (such as yellow, white, grey brown, and so on) are gathered together to create the front wall of the cafe with a geometric pattern. Colorful grey marble table tops and purple leather sofa that give a fantastic essence to the cafe. We tried to create the place where is a smart, refined and warmth for the Becca.

Designed by STUDIO C8 CO.
Photography by Nacasa&Partners
Becca cafe, STUDIO C8, Shanghai , cofetarie design, amenajare cofetarie, Hongqiao Commercial, grey marble table

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