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Beautik Haute Parfumerie Concept Store Baneasa Shopping City by Omid Ghannadi

Location: Bucharest
Source: Glamshops
Made by: Omid Ghannadi
Published in: July 06 2015 / Beauty / Body Shops
In Bucharest, rare perfumes and precious bottles meet in Beautik Haute Perfumerie, a concept of niche perfumery that offers the rarest houses all over the world and the most sophisticated fragrances of all times. A magic space, entirely dedicated to both perfumes with a great history and tradition and actual and nonconformist ones. Once you go to Beautik Haute Perfumerie you let yourself flow in the world of luxury and opulence, of unique perfumes that only shroud you, not other persons. Perfumers with a great reputation have signed these creations, considered nowadays true artworks.
Beautik Haute Parfumerie Concept Store Baneasa Shopping City, is based on a complex sensory experience , stimulating, along with the sense of smell , the touch and the eye. A modern concept that combines textures, colors and different sensations to transpose visitors in a world full of originality, imagination and uniqueness.
The intervention is minimal: new items with exposed concrete aspect, central gondola, glossy ceramic tiles, a reinterpreted volumetric game between plywood and antique mirrors. Textures, colors, sensations generated by different organic materials, all creating an unique blend of sophistication and excitement.
Exclusive perfume collections and valuable elements that define interior design, celebrates the aristocratic air of Beautik Haute Parfumerie
Beautik Haute Perfumerie,Omid Ghannadi, Concept Store, Baneasa Shopping City, plywood, organic materials, perfume store, fragrance store bucharest, parfumerie bucuresti, magazin parfumuri

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