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Babyluxury store by IO Studio, Prague

Location: Prague
Made by: IO Studio
Published in: February 03 2015 / Fashion Stores
In the design of the shop with children’s clothes, I took inspiration from my childhood memories when I visited my father’s studio, full of anticipation, what interesting I can discover. It was crowded with for me totally unknown and antique looking objects, old cameras, historical costumes, military caps, children’s toys and theater puppets.
The desire of the client was to create the mood of the old cabinet, forgotten in time full of old games and toys, taking into account the fact that the shop is located on one of the most desirable and prominent address in this segment in Prague.
Due to maximum usage of the space capacity for displaying goods we added SDK walls and created a niche in them to locate a built-in shelves. With this we have created the capacity meeting the given amount of goods on display and we were able to concentrate on the more interesting part of the interior.
This solution helped us to solve the capacity problem and also gave us the freedom to work freely with the space. Ground plan with becaie only slightly smaller, but universal expression of the walls gave the freedom to work creatively with the interior.

In open space, we places the furniture inspired by antique children’s toys. Counter is inspired by the historic carousel, shelf for girls clothing by castle with fairy tales and boys’ bookshelf by small boat. The interior is decorated in a warm and pleasant creamy shade to match the color of natural oak. This material is used for all of the furniture. Shapes inspired by old Victorian toys are backed by the original design solutions. A significant element of the interior becomes surprisingly thin wooden oak profile that creates the construction of all designed solitaires and also becomes the connecting element of the whole interior.

Design: IO Studio
Photography: Alexander Dobrovodský
Babyluxury,baby store, IO Studio, Prague, children’s clothes, old cameras, antique children’s toys, carousel, baby store

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