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Atsuro Tayama Opens New Store by Japanese interior designer Ito Masaru

Location: Hong Kong
Source: butterboom
Published in: May 09 2014 / Fashion Stores
The new Atsuro Tayama store at ifc mall combines fashion and creativity and brings a new look for the designer. To enable customers to have an extraordinary shopping experience, Atsuro Tayama specially recruited renowned Japanese interior designer Ito Masaru to design the shop.
Mr. Ito’s unique and innovative style has garnered him a reputation as an “interior maverick”, and this store is a shining example.

The store provides the perfect showcase for the designer’s eclectic Spring/Summer 2014 collection and combines two elements; Mortar & Stucco as wall materials, the roughness of which highlights the elegant clothing designs expertly, and secondly, the introduction of wood brings in a warm and inviting feel.
Mortar & Stucco and wood, in harmony, create a stylish and modern interior design
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