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Anthropologie’s Earth Day windows display 2014

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Source: Anthropologie
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Published in: April 25 2014 / Shop Window Displays
Every April, the windows of our stores become more than a showcase for artful installations—they become a platform for our Earth Day efforts, a means to raise awareness of causes near and dear to our hearts. This year is no different, as we pay tribute to the monarch butterfly, whose annual migration—one of nature’s greatest spectacles—is at risk of disappearing due to vanishing habitats, extreme weather and increased use of herbicides.

In honor of these small but mighty creatures, we’re transforming our storefronts into fluttering exhibits, crafted of paper, fabric, wood, screens and more. “Every window we work on is special, but our Earth Day ones are even more so because they educate,” says our display director Erika S. “The monarchs have such an inspiring story, and that we get to help pass it on through beautiful displays, well that is truly humbling.”

From basic materials to winged wonders, the creative metamorphosis is happening now—stop by your local store over the next two weeks to see the windows being made, but first, here’s a peek at a few already-finished designs.

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