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And A Yokohama Clothing Store by MOMENT Inc

Location: Yokohama
Made by: Moment Inc
Published in: June 20 2014 / Fashion Stores
And A has a wide selection of men’s and ladies clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, and household goods.
Therefore the shop design should be open to welcome various targets. The shop is divided into two areas, light space at front and dark space at a back.

White colored light area gives customers a casual and open image, so that they would be easy to come into the shop.
At a glance, another area does not stand, but it draws their attention toward a back of the shop once They enter the shop, as “oh, there are more goods here than I expect.”

The front white area also exists as a public area.
It means that the pure white as a basic color has an illusion that as if it is the extension of the public passage.
We are interested in the power of white color as no individuality. We additionally did not construct any interruptions around the facade and keep the entrance width as much as possible to make customers not feel hesitation to enter the shop.
The easy step-in is the most important to design this shop because we should prepare many chances that customers touch the commodities anyhow to give success in sales.

After their steps, the red line running up to down, and left to right leads customers inside the shop deeper.
This red, And A’s main brand color, stands a lot in the white area.
Once customers notice this line, they realize the they are already in And A, not in a public area.

photographs from MOMENT Inc.
And A, Yokohama Clothing Store, shop design, MOMENT Inc, yokohama retail design, modern store interior

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